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Anchor Testing - Why it's important & what we test:

Why It’s Important:

Load bearing capacity proof load tests provide the site engineers with confidence in on-site workmanship. The Construction Fixings Association ‘Procedure for site testing construction fixings’ is used in conjunction with the Code of Practice to ensure that installed anchors have sufficient capacity to carry design loads.

What & How We Test

Anchor testing of fall arrest anchor points for the attachment of a safety harness. Load testing of post-installed rebar. Tensile or shear tests with load displacement graphs can be carried out as required. With a range of load test equipment we can provide testing of small single fixings through to major critical anchor groups. We will design bespoke test rigs specifically for individual projects.

Code of Practice For The Design & Installation Of Anchors

Accredited anchor testing service is provided in accordance with BS8539:2012 Code of Practice for the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry andthe “Code of Practice for the Design and Installation of Anchors” as published by the Health and Safety Authority.

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